The Above MS program from Biogen is here for you with tips, tools, and personalized assistance for your MS—and more.


.... newly diagnosed?

Visit our site to find a local MS Event or upcoming webinar you can attend to learn from experts on different topics around this diagnosis and meet other people living with MS.

.....unfamiliar with what to expect when living with MS?

You have a lot to look forward to. That’s why we want to help you learn how to navigate everyday life with MS—so you can focus more on what you love.

...looking for a way to challenge your mind as well as your body?

Prepare by staying informed. Learn new tips and techniques to help develop a routine with your healthcare provider that’s best for you. We feature articles and videos on a variety of topics that include Home and Travel, Mental Wellness, Basic Exercises, and more!

As for your mind, we have sudoku, crosswords and more! Training your brain with these games is a fun way to keep your mind active and focus on memory, concentration, and other brain skills.

...thinking about ways to change up your diet?

Making smart food choices starts with your ingredients. Get a taste of what other people living with MS are cooking up by trying one of their recipes!


To find out more about our offerings, please visit or use the sign up link below. 

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